Buffalo Range Riders Mounted

2015 New Shooter/New Horse Mounted Shooting Clinics 

We have three clinics on the schedule for 2015!  If you are new to mounted shooting or maybe its been a while, or maybe you have a new horse that you would like to introduce to gunfire, attend one of these beginner clinics sponsored by SASS and Buffalo Range Riders Mounted.

One of these clinics will be held near Los Alamos, but we're not sure which one yet.  Please contact Arab Angel or Icelady (see below) for more information.

The clinic price is very reasonable, just $35, and for that you get instruction on safety, gun handling, various types of guns and gun rigs (holsters and belts).  Club members will be there to loan you their guns and gun rigs so you can practice shooting some targets on the ground, then you'll get horseback and we'll do some gunfire desensitization exercises for the horse and rider.  Your horse will be alongside seasoned mounted shooting horses that will give them comfort and security while they get used to gunfire.  Those that feel comfortable with it can then shoot some practice stages.  We try to schedule a practice match on Sunday following our clinics, so new shooters are welcome to come back for the practice matches also.

Clinic participants are encouraged to help with target setting on horseback, which is a wonderful way to get your horse used the sites and sounds of mounted shooting:  crow's nest, music, announcers, the compressor, the balloons, balloon sticks, cones, barrels and all the horses and people in the arena.  After attending a clinic, you are welcome to come and shoot at our practice matches.  Clinic dates and a few practice match dates are listed below -- see our calendar for a full schedule.

Clinics are open to the first 15 registrants.  Contact Arab Angel (Mari) at mari@silentoakranch.com or  Icelady (Paula) at 263-5619 or icegait@hughes.net for more information or to reserve a spot in an upcoming clinic.

Clinics begin at 10:00 am; be there a little early to get saddled up and warm up your horse before the clinic starts.

Saturday, March 7, 2015 (followed by a practice match on Sunday march 8, 2015 -- new shooters are welcome to attend practice)

Saturday, June 6, 2015 (followed by a practice match on June 7)

Saturday, August 1, 2015 (followed by a practice match on August 2)